My Father was a United States Marine who served his country during the time of the Korean conflict.  He was stationed at an airbase which experienced small-arms fire on a daily basis.  I was always very proud of him, and while he has left us, I still feel the same way to this day.  I have a story about my parents which I would like to share without getting too personal.  My mother was unable to have children so her and my father adopted.  If not for being in the Marines, my father would never have met my mother.  They were both in the right place at the right time (he on leave, her on vacation--I think) and met in California.  After leaving the service, my father found a good job in the South Bend Indiana area, where all 4 of my mom's siblings settled down (they were originally from Tennessee).   My older sister and I were born there, which is how we (eventually) became their children.  I don't really know all of the details, and have never really cared to.  What I do know is that my sister and I were loved and cared for, and if not for the Marine Corp, we would never have been part of the same wonderful family!  It has been more than 10 years since i lost my dad, but I always remember him on his birthday and Memorial Day.  I love you.  

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