Pecan trees produce tons of delicious, buttery tree nuts, and they’re relatively easy to care for. Although these robust trees can withstand stress and drought, it’s not impossible for them to die prematurely. Unfortunately, a dying pecan tree may not show signs of illness until it’s too late to save it; however, these three signs that your pecan tree is in good health are good indications that it’s thriving.

It Produces Robust Leaves

A healthy pecan tree has a full canopy of robust, green leaves. However, bare limbs or wilting leaves may be a sign of damage or disease.

If the limbs don’t produce leaves, or they produce leaves that die quickly, the tree is most likely suffering from freeze damage, and parts of it are already dead. On another note, if your pecan tree leaves wilt suddenly in the summer, it may be suffering from cotton root rot.

The Wood Is Yellow and Moist Under the Bark

Peeling or vertical bark splitting may be cause for concern, but you’ll need to conduct a closer examination to determine your pecan tree’s health. If you see gray wood underneath the bark, your tree may be suffering from freeze damage and parts of it are already dead. On the other hand, if the wood is yellow and moist underneath the peeling bark, it’s simply a sign of rapid and healthy growth.

The Soil Around the Tree’s Base Is Moist but Well-Drained

Although pecan trees are relatively drought-resistant, they still require adequate watering. With that in mind, ultra-dry or ultra-wet soil may indicate problems with your pecan tree. The ground around the tree’s base should be moist to the touch but not soaked or have water puddles.

While pecan trees are relatively resilient and tolerant of less-than-ideal conditions, they still require some maintenance and care to remain healthy and produce pecans.

Unfortunately, the signs of damage or illness don’t usually show until it’s too late to save the tree, but these three signs that your pecan tree is in good health indicate that it’s growing well. Visit Plant Me Green online to buy pecan trees and start your own pecan grove.

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