Plants are living, they are complex, and they need attention. They must be watered regularly, and they must be grown in the correct climate. How do you know which climate to grow them in? The USDA has graciously provided us with a map that has been marked off in zones (each having a number). Each zone represents a climate, and each climate can only support certain types of plants. For example, if you live in North Florida, you’re in USDA Growing Zone 8. This means your climate can only support plants that have been rated for growing zone 8, such as Lantana, Azaleas, some Apples, and Crape Myrtles. Zone 8 cannot, however, support some grapes, cherries, and high-chill peaches.

At Plant Me Green, we’re proud to provide our customers with a 100% Plant Replacement Guarantee. We are happy to replace any potted plants that die, free of charge*, as long as the reason for death can be reasonably attributed to us. We cannot, however, replace a plant that has been bought outside of its USDA growing zone. Purchasing a plant that is not ensured to grow in your climate will require much more work, and will result in an extremely dull or dead plant. Each climate offers its own unique set of growing conditions that, when respected, will produce vibrant plants that are full of life and happy to produce for years to come.

If you have any questions about your growing zone, or which plants are supported by your climate, you can always call us toll free at (855) 817-5268. We offer a USDA Growing Zone Lookup on our website, and all of our plants are marked with what growing zones they thrive in. Know your Zone!

To look up your zone, click here.

To read a full copy of our 100% Plant Replacement Guarantee, click here

*It is the responsibility of the customer to pay all shipping charges, in their entirety.


Al Savill..." al from Ala." said:

Every time and every plant I have received from P.M.G. has been of exceptional quality, and has grown and bloomed better than any plants I have purchased anywhere else !! Thank you P.M.G. You have made my plant source soo much fun.

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