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Plants, trees and shrubs delivered to your door. We sell clean air machines! 
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    Bare Root Pre-Orders

    We are taking pre-orders for bare root season! All orders will ship at the end of December. Any combination orders (potted plants+bare root) will be shipped in their entirety at the end of December, as well. Online orders will begin August 15. To order sooner, give us a call toll free at 855-817-5268.

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    Bare Root

    Fruit trees, shrubs, Crape Myrtles and more are all priced to sell! We have bulk discounts, too! The more you buy, the better your price!

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    Crape Myrtles

    Crape Myrtle Trees are the perfect addition to any landscape. With so many varieties, there's a Crape Myrtle for every yard. Great for lining driveways, or adding a pop of color, you can't go wrong with these striking trees!

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