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    Valentine's Day Bundle

    Cupid says: Buy 3 Bare Root Kanza Pecan Trees (2-3 ft.) for $50.95 and Get Desirable for Free. Desirable is a good cross pollinator for Kanza.

    Ready To Ship
    Love Can
    Be Nuts!
    Sweet Maple Deals!

    Everyone loves Maple Trees, and now for a limited time you can purchase two red maples in 4" x 4" x 10" posts for only $49.95

    Regularly $39.95 Each!
    Two Red Maples $49.95
    Black Is Back

    This year's color is black, making the Black Diamonds top sellers. With their deep black foliage that truly lasts, Black Diamonds have become the crape myrtle sensation.

    With Oak Trees Come Life!

    Oak Trees provide food for dozens of our favorite creatures, deer, chipmunks, birds, literally bringing your landscape to life!

    Regularly $19.95 Each!
    Two Oak Trees $29.95
    Your Home for Pecan Trees

    Pecan Trees are one of our specialties! We offer both bare root and container pecan trees in every size and variety you'll ever need.

    Whether you want just a few for your holiday baking needs or a whole orchard worth, Plant Me Green is your source!

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